"Tera Naam" is blending ancient Kundalini Yoga Mantras rooted in the Sikh Dharma with heartfelt melodies to a new dimension of devotional music and sacred chanting. Through their natural understanding of the inherent beauty of sound they open up a space that is enchanting to everyone not only for those who are familiar with yoga practice and chanting.
There is purity, clarity and love in their music bringing forward a sense of deep calmness."
Having Kundalini Yoga as our spiritual base we have devoted ourselves and the project "Tera Naam" to share the blessings of these teachings with the world in a time when they are more precious than ever. Feeling that despite all doubts and distractions it is indeed so very possible to live a happy and blissful life. By reconnecting to our hearts and befriending our body and soul through Spiritual Practice, Yoga and Sacred Chanting, we can make this time on earth a beautiful and harmonious experience where we meet each other in innocence and caring again.It is our vision and blessing as "Tera Naam" to share the experience of unity and Oneness by holding Sacred Chantings all over the world. 

Together as we chant and let the soul speak we are to co create this world and remember who we truly are. Human beings, godly, beautiful and blissful.

The mind surrenders and the heart is opening to the divine sound through which the infinitely Universe expresses itself and we enter the state of Tera Naam - In thy Name.
May you all be blessed, may you have the courage to be you